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Ochatbot, Botsify, Drift, and Tidio are some of the best chatbots for your e-commerce stores. These lists should give you ideas on what to name your bot. If you still can’t think of one, you may use one of them from the lists to help you get your creative juices flowing. Imagine landing on a website and seeing a chatbot popping up with your favorite fictional character’s name.

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While a lot of companies choose to name their bot after their brand, it often pays to get more creative. Your chatbot represents your brand and is often the first “person” to meet your customers online. By giving it a unique name, you’re creating a team member that’s memorable while captivating your customer’s attention.

Tips to Design the Best Chatbot UI

Or maybe you’re just looking to get started with a unique username for your new Facebook Messenger chatbot. Also, avoid making your company’s chatbot name so unique that no one has ever heard of it. To make your bot name catchy, think about using words that represent your core values. If it is so, then you need your chatbot’s name to give this out as well.

The stock market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Stock ai bots can easily help thousands of people track their investments and trade them automatically. Unlike the chat app, bots can perform tasks and actions like searching the web, taking action based on results returned by the internet, or performing other functions. This doesn’t mean you should just call it “Chatbot” and be done with it unless you aim for it to fade into the forgotten memories of its users. Now, while we’re all getting more accustomed to dealing with bots, nothing beats a personal experience. Once the customization is done, you can go ahead and use our chatbot scripts to lend a compelling backstory to your bot.

Cool bot names

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Zo at Microsoft, you’re likely to have found the experience engaging. Customers having a conversation with a bot want to feel heard. But, they also want to feel comfortable and for many people talking with a bot may feel weird. As popular as chatbots are, we’re sure that most of you, if not all, must have interacted with a chatbot at one point or the other. And if you did, you must have noticed that these chatbots have unique, sometimes quirky names.

First robot server in Houston debuts at UH’s Eric’s Restaurant – Houston Public Media

First robot server in Houston debuts at UH’s Eric’s Restaurant.

Posted: Wed, 07 Dec 2022 16:58:50 GMT [source]

There are so many different funny bot names and cool bot businesses out there. Below are some cool bot business name ideas that you can use to get inspired. A clever name, like Penny for a personal-finance advice chatbot or PAM as a name for a bot that provides Prayer And Meditation tips. This type of chatbot name is best for businesses in the travel, fitness, food, or beauty industries.

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The concept behind a chatbot is to create one which will have the same capabilities as a real person, so people will trust and confide in it. Chatbots are still a relatively new technology, so pick a name that feels personable instead of intimidating. For example, Siri sounds more warm and friendly than Apple bot names Smartphone Robot. Chatbot’s name should welcome and even intrigue users. And if your chatbot has a unique personality, it will feel more engaging and pleasant to talk to. However, if the bot has a catchy or unique name, it will make your customer service team feel more friendly and easily approachable.

  • To sell out all the California offers in the least popular month.
  • So be sure to include keywords that are commonly searched by the audience.
  • For example, if your company is called Arkalia, you can name your bot Arkalious.
  • Are you familiar with how to make a bot for your website?
  • Your main goal is to make users feel that they came to the right place.
  • Do you remember the struggle of finding the right name or designing the logo for your business?

Don’t stress about coming up with the perfect bot name. The most important factor is to select something that meets your requirements. You can always change your mind if you don’t like the name you chose. 2) Robot Names – Robots are only concerned with their job.

Bonus: Name & Personality Example

To help you out, here are some unique yet creative chatbot name ideas to get your creative juices flowing and choose a perfect name for your chatbot. The rise of chatbots has caused a boom in the conversational marketing world. The users are flocking to these conversational platforms, leaving businesses at a bottleneck. The customer service automation needs to match your brand image. If your company focuses on, for example, baby products, then you’ll need a cute name for it. That’s the first step in warming up the customer’s heart to your business.

  • CovidAsha helps people who want to reach out for medical emergencies.
  • Chatbot scripts you write and outline you prepare for the bot.
  • That’s the first step in warming up the customer’s heart to your business.
  • This way, you can ensure that your bot has all of the features that customers require.
  • Bots are computer-controlled animals that emulate player actions.
  • However, you can resolve several common issues of customers with automatic responses and immediate solutions with chatbots.

Good names establish an identity, which then contributes to creating meaningful associations. Think about it, we name everything from babies to mountains and even our cars! Giving your bot a name will create a connection between the chatbot and the customer during the one-on-one conversation. Whenever you are trying to fix a name for something, remember that you should make it short, simple, and memorable.

Is Gender Important?

Develop the tone and speech of your bot by writing your script in a way that does the job. Here, the only key thing to consider is – make sure the name makes the bot appear an extension of your company. But yes, finding the right name for your bot is not as easy as it looks from the outside.

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